Atelier of Thought

About Tell

Atelier of Thought is an interconnected place for you to write and publish, powered by WriteFreely and the ActivityPub protocol. The name, in all its originality, was the product of discussions between the admin and Cyantusk.


The admin created this place for users to publish original works and to provide a safe place to generate idea and thought. No automated posts will be tolerated. If your account is accidently “deleted”, see below for more details. Here are some other items that are not fine and dandy:

Why Atelier of Thought

Daniel is a passionately curious individual that is always tinkering in new technologies and has a hobby for writing poetry. They have always admired writing and wanted to create a safe space for other writers to create their works. Originally, Plume was chosen as the platform to host this content, but rather bore you with technical details: Tell: Atelier of Thought was born.

The admin can guarantee 95% uptime and will continue to support authors with 5 blogs for each user. If this would to ever change and this instance were to cease operations, an advanced notice would be provided to assure your articles would not be lost.


Post/User Deletion

Head over to this room to ask for an appeal. You will need the following:

General Questions

The admin is very open to having a conversation with those seeking advice. If you would like to talk to the admin of this instance, you may contact Daniel in the Matrix.

Atelier of Thought is home to 3 articles across 2 blogs.